Valorant game director “abandon the cloak” will develop a new project in Riot

Joe Ziegler of Riot Games is bidding farewell to his role as game director of Valorant and taking up a new job at the studio.

This news comes from Ziegler’s new post on Riot’s official website, In which he discussed his last eight years there. He revealed that the official release of “Valorant” last year was something he had worked as a game director for eight years, and it was time for him to move on.

Ziegler wrote: “I came to you today with the news, with gratitude and excitement.” “After eight years of work on “Valorant”, it was built from the ground up by a group of dedicated and passionate developers. It, they work tirelessly and serve everyone with due respect and admiration. I am giving up my responsibilities as a game director to my good friend Valorant tac-shooter, Stanley Ho [senior director of game direction at Riot]. ”

Ziegler said that Ho has also invested in Valorant for many years, and his dedication to tac-shooter has set a high standard of inspiration for game developers. Ziegler also said that he is confident that the time for the new director will witness the growth and development of “Valorant” year by year, “becoming better than I thought.”

As for Ziegler, he will stay in the fist, but he will “start something new (*blink, secret…), hopefully we can even touch the surface of the amazing impact Valorant has had so far.” This may mean a lot of things-maybe he is developing a popular genre game for Riot that the studio hasn’t touched, just like “Valorant” succeeded in the tac-shooter genre dominated by games such as Counter-Strike: Global offensive. Maybe this means that he is developing a new game in the same universe as Valorant. Now only time will prove everything.

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