Valorant has gathered 14 million active players and is planning a mobile port

Valorant, a 5v5 competitive shooter, emphasizes weapon accuracy, favorable angles, and clutch play. With a vibrant color palette and character design reminiscent of other infectious hero shooters, Riot’s team-based title eventually attracted 14 million active players and played 500 million games in the first year. It is natural that it was done. In light of this success, a mobile port is being created and a month-long celebration will begin.

“One of the first goals of the year was to win the trust and respect of the global FPS community and prove that Valorant always maintains the basics of a truly valuable and competitive tactical shooter. “Executive producer Anna Don Ron said. “It’s beyond our expectations that the growing community of players recognizes and appreciates what we’re trying to do in Valorant, and more global players have the same competitive Valorant experience. I’m excited to be able to offer it soon. “

In response to the good news, Riot plans to broaden Valorant’s horizons by using Valorant Mobile to bring the experience to a small (smallest) screen. In addition, Riot will offer redeemable player cards, free event passes, and other initiatives to a loyal community, so players can expect to be flooded with in-game perks throughout the month. Valorant Mobile has no release date / period, but you may hear more news when Riot is ready.

Dan Tack concluded the review by evaluating Valorant’s orderly gameplay loops and strategic mechanics: Perception. Valorant’s character may be mediocre and mode-limited, but it was a lot of fun with its precise shooting, careful planning, and soft footsteps. “

Do you plan to enjoy a month-long festival as a “VALORANT” player in the comments section? And how do you think the game will be played on mobile devices?