Valorant reaches 14 million players a month, according to Riot Games

ValorantThe developer announced Wednesday that Riot Games’ tactical first-person shooter has an average of over 14 million players per month.Announcement is the first anniversary ValorantLaunch.

This number ValorantWas very successful at the launch during quarantine, but according to executive producer Anna Don Ron, who spoke to Polygon in a video interview, the game experienced a decline after launch, but the number of players increased significantly after that decline. The number, 14 million, is close to where the game was released.

“It’s very exciting for us to be able to generate that momentum in just one year,” says Donlon. “And now, to maintain that momentum for a while. I think this is a testament to our development team and all their commitment to the player base. […] [Valorant] It surely exceeded our expectations at the time of release, and now it seems that it has returned to a state like “Wow, it was not a fluke of the release date”. “

In addition to the impressive number of players, Riot just came to the conclusion. ValorantThe first international LAN tournament. The tournament, called Valorant Masters Reykjavik, recorded over 1 million simultaneous views in the final, which featured a match between North American Sentinels and European Fnatic. Sentinels won an impressive 3-0 sweep. The number of those viewers is the highest ever Valorant Tournaments have been won so far and are ranked close to other top esports like Riot himself. League of Legends Or of the valve Counter-Strike: Global Offensive..

Riot is also a new version Valorant Designed specifically for mobile devices, it should help serve more players at launch (perhaps sometime next year).