Valorant’s latest agent is announced, and the next update is coming

Riot Games has lifted the veil of the newest agent to join Valorant, her name is Neon.

Reveal by one way Agent trailer, Neon is a fast-paced video shooting game that seems to be better at zooming on a given map than any other agent in the game. A short trailer of less than three minutes reveals that Neon is a Manila, Philippines agent with a great taste in music.

As you can see in the trailer, Neon is a fan of Ylona Garcia and 88rising’s Entertain Me. She also seems to like to fantasize about what players will use her power to accomplish on the battlefield. We saw her sprinting and swiping on the map shown in the trailer, using her power to make it easier. However, she doesn’t seem to be able to shoot while sprinting, so don’t expect to be a neon-looking runner.

We also quickly learned about her ability, that is, Neon lifts two large and long electric walls in a straight line, and she can go in and out freely.

The trailer also revealed that Neon will arrive at Valorant in Episode 4: Interruption, although the release date of this new episode (this is what Valorant calls a major update) has not yet been announced. However, the current Battle Pass will end on January 11th, so some fans speculate that Episode 4 will start on January 12th the next day.

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When Neon arrived in Valorant, were you happy to see her? Let us know in the comments below!