Valorant’s latest character room released today

Good morning! Nowadays, Appraisal A brand new agent is being added to the cast Patch 3.10. They are called Chamber of CommerceThe French weapon designer is the seventeenth character that can be used in the game. With the huge Arcane battle of Riot Game, the content of the Undercity Nights chapter also declined, which led to the appearance of new cosmetics and in-game content in Riot’s game catalog.

Chamber is a sentinel character with a series of defensive abilities related to his background as the creator of fancy guns. These capabilities are as follows:

  • His Q allows him to equip a customized heavy pistol.
  • His E has a secret room to place a teleport anchor, which can be picked up and replaced for quick transmission on the map.
  • Chambers’ C ability allows him to throw a business card and deploy a deceleration field on the floor it hits.
  • His ultimate ability allows Chamber to draw out our customized sniper rifle. When you use this weapon to kill an enemy, a deceleration field will be placed under the killed enemy, allowing you to greatly slow down the speed of the group push.

Chamber will not come to Valorant alone, and there is a new competitive 5v5 queue that allows players of any level to team up and try to win some games as a team. Riot added this because their goal is to reduce smurfing-the practice of high-level players creating low-level accounts.

The statement written in the patch notes is as follows: “In order to reduce smurfing, we are removing all ranking restrictions for the 5-member group in the competition queue. Our data shows that the most common reason for players blue screens is because they want to be outside of our current ranking restrictions. Play with friends. Removing these restrictions for groups of 5 means that you can play with friends without being restricted by the smaller number of people in the competing queue.”

This was accompanied by special trailing ranking adjustments aimed at reducing the skill gap between the two teams, and the complete cancellation of the 4-person competition queue, which resulted in many frustrating matches for groups of only players that were not part of the preliminary rounds.

This package, along with many bug fixes scattered on it, makes patch 3.10 seem to be a good addition to Riot Game’s tactical FPS. We will have to wait to see if the adjustment to the 5v5 competitive game works as expected, or if it will expose newly discovered issues for players who want to grab their friends and jump into the fast Valorant game.

As part of Riot’s strong push for Arcane, they recently added Jinx to Fortnite as part of a larger collaboration between Riot x Epic Games. This has also led to many of Riot’s games appearing on the Epic Games Store, including League of Legends, Runeterra Legends and Valorant.