Valve is reviewing the entire Steam library to ensure compatibility with the Steam platform

Before the launch of the Steam platform in December, Valve is reviewing the “Entire Steam Catalog” to check the compatibility of each game with handhelds.This probably means everything, From such as Stool Plague in Wonderland Until Cyberpunk 2077. Each game will be classified according to its compatibility, including “verified”, “playable”, “not supported” and “unknown”. The icons of each category will be displayed in the game list.

These categories are self-explanatory:

  • Verified It means that the game has complete controller support, no compatibility warning, support for Deck’s original resolution and complete system support, from middleware to any anti-cheat software.
  • Playable This means that some adjustments may be required. For example, Valve’s example is a game that may require “the user to manually select the community controller configuration, need to use the touch screen to navigate the launcher, etc.”.
  • not support Means the game cannot be run (Valve uses Half-Life: Alyx as an obvious example)
  • unknown Means Valve doesn’t know, compatibility has yet to be checked.