Valve shows you how to modify the Steam platform-and why it shouldn’t

The company does not publish video tutorials on how to change its hardware every day. However, Valve released a teardown video of the Steam platform on YouTube on Wednesday, which is a bit abnormal. This video provides a perfect how-to guide for modifying your Steam platform hardware after its launch in December. It also gives Valve the opportunity to send this PSA: Don’t modify the console, because you are likely to ruin it.

In the video, a Valve representative provided detailed step-by-step instructions for replacing the thumbstick and solid state drive. This video helps to clarify the features that the console can and cannot achieve after its launch at the end of the year. Since Valve’s new handheld system is similar to a gaming PC in some respects, some customers want to know its specifications and whether they can actively replace components.

According to this video, this is not recommended. As the narrator said: “In a sense, this is a how-to video. In other words, this is a’why you really shouldn’t do this’ video.”

Valve does not recommend that users turn on their Steam decks, because handheld devices are not designed for components to be turned off. According to the video, opening the case may cause serious damage-in some cases, you may set the console to catch fire later. The video is somewhat blunt, saying that people should give this job to professionals unless someone is ready to take “great risk” for their property and their “life” in the event of damage to the battery.

Although the video does show how to replace the SSD and thumbstick, it also lists all the problems that may occur during the entire process. The structural integrity of the deck may be affected, static electricity may blow up parts, store-bought SSDs may kill other parts, and so on.

Some customers may have considered buying SSDs, which makes sense. The cheapest ($399) Steam Deck only comes with 64 GB of flash memory.This has attracted a lot of attention because some games shown in the promotional video of the console, such as control, Is 42 GB or more. Although it is technically feasible to replace an SSD, it is not a simple process. In the video, Valve recommends using a micro-SD slot to expand storage.