Valve Steam Deck launch postponed to 2022

Nothing can escape the gravity of February 2022. Even Valve and its upcoming Pocket Steam Deck. The company announced that the first batch of devices originally scheduled to ship in December will now have a target February delivery date.

The delay is due to global supply chain issues that plague many companies entering the holiday season.This is Valve’s announcement The timeline of the transition and the full reasons for the reasons:

The launch of Steam Deck will be postponed for two months. We apologize for this-we have tried our best to solve the problem of the global supply chain, but due to the shortage of materials, the components did not arrive at our manufacturing plant in time and could not meet our initial release date.

According to our updated version estimates, Steam Deck will begin shipping to customers in February 2022. This will be the new start date of the reservation queue-all reservation holders will keep their place, but the date will move backward accordingly. The booking date is estimated to be updated shortly after this announcement.

It looks like Steam platform reservations that expire later will also be affected. If you have already booked a Steam account, please pay attention to your Steam account.

Although having to wait for the additional months is disappointing, waiting two months is not too long. Hopefully, this will give Valve time to collect the appropriate components and send these bad boys to the game public.

Steam Deck was released in July, promising to take your entire Steam library on the go in a compact form factor similar to Switch. You can learn about the device from our story in the announcement, and you can also check our recommendations on the best games to play on the Steam platform here.