Valve Steam Deck Wants to Meet Current Ship Dates

In a rare positive update on the supply side of the tech industry, Valve announced that its Steam Deck delivery estimates are now on track. The update, posted on the Steam Community site, brings the good news that the first handheld PCs will ship in late February.

By now, we’re all very familiar with supply chain issues, the challenges of working remotely during the pandemic, and chip shortages, some of which did delay Steam Deck’s initial release window. Valve says that won’t happen again, at least for the first set of devices, “it looks like we’ll be able to start rolling out these devices by the end of February.” If you happen to pre-order a deck, you can download it on Steam Brand store page to see your personal shipping date here.

Determining which games work best on the Steam platform is also well underway. The blog post said, “Meanwhile, work and testing on the Steam Deck Verification Program is underway. You’ll soon see the deck verification status for more and more Steam games. We are examining four main categories: Input, Seamless, display and system support.” Knowing which games will run on your shiny new hardware will be invaluable, especially for early adopters testing the limits of their Steam library, so it’s great to see this Filtering is not an afterthought after release.

If you’re curious about what a Steam Deck is, we’ve got you covered! Check out the QuickSpecs for Valve’s upcoming portable devices.