Valve’s next headset is obviously taking the Oculus Quest route and does not require a PC

look like valve May be developing a second VR headset index, This time it seems to be for an independent wireless model, it is more like Oculus Quest or Oculus Mission 2.

Initially hinted that the company that owns Steam is developing this new hardware From YouTuber Brad Lynch He found multiple references in Valve’s SteamVR code “Deckard”-this is a good science fiction code name for theoretical headsets.

Ars Technica Then released more evidence pointing to the existence of the headset, confirming the YouTuber’s findings.

Lynch pointed out, “Valve [has] Over the past year I have been re-adjusting Deckard to work with Steam VR”, and the various files found in the Steam VR database—from input configuration file references to proof of concept files—suggest something better than what we have seen The more independent design used to come from Valve.

The headset can also connect wirelessly via Wi-Fi and may use the same semi-custom AMD processor that we will see in the Steam Deck unit when it ships later this year. Valve’s FAQ does state that the PC/console hybrid is “not optimized for VR,” but Valve states In an interview with The Verge The chip is “very relevant to us and our future plans.” Well.

It makes sense for Valve to want to join Facebook’s advanced wireless headset VR racket-our own Tom Orry is very impressed with the latest VR headsets, and he thinks that if you want the next generation wow, you can “forget PS5 and Xbox Series X” Because “Oculus Quest 2 is your best choice.” Really praised!