Vampire: Masquerade Blood Hunt Preview-Battle Royale and Vampire Encounter (No, Seriously)

When you think of the battle royale genre, there are a few things that come to mind: PUBG, Fortnite, Apex Legends, boredom, and more. It’s not a bad genre, but it’s not the genre I’ve ever really connected to. But what I find involved is Vampire: The Masquerade. So when Sharkmob approached me in a new game that was literally a battle royale with vampires, I was too intrigued to say no. Surprisingly? I can do it! Here is a preview of my Vampire: Masquerade Blood Hunt.

For those who may not be the biggest desktop fan, Vampire: The Masquerade is a surprisingly vast RPG experience that has evolved over the years. Many adaptations are coming and going to expand into this world, including video game takes that bring fresh life (or lost life?) To the characters we know and the characters we can create. .. I’ve spent years in this universe, using masquerade rules to build many of my own fan creations. Imagine the surprise when the latest game released under this umbrella was PvP Battle Royale Adventure. Now, take a look at that surprise and imagine it tripled when you realized you were really enjoying your time at Bloodhunt.


After all, this is actually the perfect combination. What is a vampire, if not an incredibly cunning creature with the means and desire to kill? What is a battle royale, if not very the same? Unlike other shooter genres, Battle Royale consists of a blend of tactical waiting and gold rush. If you don’t mind, please hurry up and wait. That strategy when leaned against the eerie background of vampire glory, and you got an innovative game that fills a niche we didn’t even know the filling we needed.

My time at Bloodhunt was a bit rough, as expected, given that the build I enjoyed was in the very early alpha stage. I was excited to pick up the clans I’m familiar with through my previous tabletop experience and explore how those skills can be demonstrated when playing against other players. Even for the developers themselves.

Brad Hunt is set in Prague, and it was in the heart of Elysium that we began our bloodthirsty journey. Those familiar with this property will recognize it as a neutral hotspot for clans to meet. But in the realm of battle royale, it’s not neutral. I chose the muse in my first round. The main reason is that the muse looks pretty and it’s always the class I chose to roll my character. I smoked. I think I was one of the first to die because I kept running like a maniac. The only advantage was that the developer working on the game died shortly after me. Therefore, I feel a little better. But the second time I woke up. I chose based on skill rather than aesthetics and went to Vandal (she still looked cute, don’t worry) and the battle flow changed. I think I was in the top 8 in my second match, but it’s not that bad, remembering that I died first in the previous round.

For centuries, vampires have lived and prospered among humans, maintaining their masquerade. Dangerous betrayals are now causing wars between vampire denominations, exposing them to secret societies known as entities. They hunt in the city of Prague with the holy mission of annihilating all vampires …

Players need to use supernatural powers, weapons and wit to survive the night and revive the masquerade!

Skills are definitely important here. There is one class where you can heal yourself and your allies, and another class where you can crush your enemies to the ground with just the Killing of Harambe. Among the six classes shown, there are playstyles that everyone can enjoy. This is useful when pairing with different gamers before jumping into a kill match.

Like other battle royale games, there are resources throughout the map. For example, a living victim sheds blood to increase power and regain health. You can also find standard weapons, including a pair of sniper rifles, SMGs, bows, and sick daggers that made Mele so much fun.

The good thing about Shark Mob making games within battle royale is Maybe … Enjoy it Battle Royale is pretty cut and dry and knows what it takes to have fun. Players mainly know what to expect. This was very obvious when playing with the team. Because I’ve been joking about the fact that I can’t believe there really is a battle royale game about vampires. It was clear that this team had a lot of love for the community surrounding folklore and Vampire: The Masquerade. This is neither a cheesy shot nor a rude parody. This is a stand-alone experience that classic beginners and veterans can enjoy. Jumping in with friends was a really fun online experience and I was pleasantly surprised to want to play more.

Did you say that you can also scale the tallest building as you would in Assassin’s Creed?It’s because you can do it perfectly Awesome.

Prague provides a beautiful background for this game. Each shop that can be entered has its own personality and has its own proof of life. Due to the contained Battle Royale map, there was a surprising amount of space to explore due to the vertical scaling of the Assassin’s Creed style mentioned above. This makes it easier to play tactical games, especially when landing sweet snipers.

I also enjoyed customizing the characters. In particular, I gave my goth baby silver hair like me and a winged eyeliner that could kill a man. There are also cosmetic options that players can choose from. It’s a free-to-play game, so it adds cosmetic options that you can buy for real money, such as costumes, glasses, and cosmetics, but it’s not completely out of the standard for free games. You don’t have to worry about bait-and-switch for free and “free” items, as none of the items you can buy are paid and are purely cosmetics.

After all, Vampire: The Masquerade looked rough, but it was due to the Alpha Build. Despite the sharp edge of the gameplay experience, I can see the real treasure buried under the predicament of early development. Will this win this year’s Game of the Year in the near future? No, I’m not going to do that. It aims to provide a purely fun and competitive PvP experience in a world with a very enthusiastic community. And what do you know? Shark Mob nailed it.

For those interested in checking out the reality of this strange dream, Closed Alpha will begin on July 2nd. You can find out more about the game and sign up for the closed beta from Sharkmob’s official website. HereYou can also add it to your Steam Wishlist Here, If it fits your fantasy.