Vampire: Masquerade-Bloodhunt is coming to PS5

Although we are still waiting for news about the future of “Vampire: Costume Party-Lineage 2”, another studio is breaking into this universe through its own adventures found in Bloodhunt. Bloodhunt is a battle royale of the vampire niche, is it surprising? It’s really easy to use! For those interested in putting their fangs on this online journey, a new trailer shows what Bloodhunt will offer when it comes to PlayStation 5 later this year.

A few months ago, we were exposed to this game and were curious about the perfect fusion of Masquerade and Battle Royale genres. Obviously, Sharkmob AB loves the legend of this universe very much, and can turn this love into a competitive experience for fans to enjoy. With the various professions that Masquerade fans are very familiar with, Bloodhunt will allow players to transform into creatures they are very familiar with, including the clan they come from. Each clan has unique skills, suitable for their construction, and provides unique tactical advantages when going to the streets hungry.

In the video at the top of the article, you can see those different fighting styles. Although there is no exact release date yet, the latest show does confirm that it will land on PlayStation 5 later this year. For those who are interested in further research, you can check our impressions of the actual experience provided by Bloodhunt. Our previous preview is here. You can also see a short excerpt below:

Vampire: Fancy Dress Party-Bloodhunt will be available on PlayStation 5 and PC later this year.