Vampire Survival Game V Rising Now Available

Swedish developer Stunlock Studios is the team behind arena fighting game Battlerite, and has brought some of this style of action to V Rising, forming a rare combination – a survival game with combat. Do you know what rot is? Vampires, drink blood, etc. V Rising is a multiplayer survival game in which you are a worshiping Count Dracula, cutting down trees and building castles without hiding from the sun and hunting peasants.

V Rising launched in Early Access today and took off like a frog in a sock. It peaked at 46,593 concurrent players and is now the No. 12 game on Steam. User reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, praising the technical combat, PvP, difficult boss fights, and dynamic enemies that sometimes attack each other.mine Favorite User Reviews It simply sums up: “Walheim, if Walheim is a goth girl”.