Vanguard weapon bloom is weakened in the war zone

The launch of War zone The first season of Pacific was not without controversy and community criticism. Many of Vanguard’s unwanted changes and inherited features have entered the game-perhaps the biggest is Weapon bloom.

Fortunately, according to recent news, this special feature has been severely weakened War zone patch notesFor those who don’t know, weapon bloom refers to the random spread of bullets fired from a gun during continuous shooting.

If you aim at a target and shoot one bullet at a time, it will always hit exactly where you are aiming. However, if you hold down the trigger, consecutive bullets may deviate slightly from your marking line. As you can imagine, this makes some players feel angry because they feel that the bullets they fire should always fall on the target.

It seems Raven Software agrees! But why is this a weakening, rather than completely eliminating the weapon bloom on the vanguard gun? Well, according to the patch notes mentioned earlier in the article, this will take time, because developers need to strike a balance between eliminating weapon flooding and increasing the shortcomings of each weapon. No one wants to get rid of the weapon bloom to make ultra-precise guns, especially when so many pioneer weapons are already so good.

In addition to the weakening of the weapon bloom, the patch also brings some other much-needed changes, including preventing the aircraft from automatically locking the skydivers, and reducing the sound of air game elements, such as bombing and certain streaks.

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