Vast Deus Ex mod restores the vision of the original game for the female protagonist

There are many game modules that allow you to change the protagonist’s gender, but that’s not the case. A new Deus Ex Mod called “Ley D Denton Project“A classic immersive simulation game that lets you play as a female UNNATCO agent. Developer Ion Storm finally deleted this from the original game. It even re-recorded all the protagonist’s dialogues and changed every text or verbal pronoun reference. In some cases, characters are even added or significantly modified to make conversations with women meaningful.

“Although model exchange and sound plug-ins can create a cheap fax machine, we feel that this is not enough,” the module team wrote in their announcement. “Immersion is a core feature of the Deus Ex experience, and the semi-executing female JC Denton will destroy it. Either we do it right or we shouldn’t bother.”