Vault Of Glass is a big win for Bungie and Destiny 2 players

The Vault of Glass is arguably the best raid from the Destiny franchise, and its return is the perfume oil that the community needs. The “selected season” of the previous season was an important turning point for Bungy. The pace was great, the quests were balanced, and the storyline was impactful and meaningful in the way many players longed for. The splicer season is on track to continue its positive trajectory, but the community has been divided by how the highly desirable transmog features were implemented. Reviving the Vault of Glass has never been so perfect. It provides new players with an exciting experience and gives veterans the feeling of going home.

I didn’t expect to be in World First this year, but it was a lot of excitement to see my fellow clanmates and teams aiming for the gold medal. The “Who can win first” event has always been like a mini-holiday in the Destiny community, and the Vault of Glass has taken it to the next level from universal player affection. Saturday evening I jumped into myself and completed successfully the next day. After running a few times and helping a new player get through it for the first time, I remember why this assault was so treasure in the first place.The level design is amazingly beautiful and has a variety of mechanics – – Especially for Gorgon instances – – It provides a disastrous background to the player experience. This background gives a sense of urgency and helps with a sense of accomplishment when the attack is finally cleared.

Many were worried that they would change too much to justify reverting the Vault of Glass. I was really happy to see that the pace and experience stayed about the same, but I wish the team had found a cool way to connect it to the Season of Splicer. This season, we’ll take a more humane look at the tasks that Fallen and Guardian take on the Beck’s network. Since the story is at the epicenter of Season 14, a neat little connection to the Vault of Glass would have been truly unique. That said, I wasn’t disappointed with the lack of tie-ups, and much of the community seems happy with the decision. Also, the changes made to Oracle in a numerical sequence in harmony with VexSong were nice. It’s as difficult as hell.

With the inclusion of the Vault of Glass, player activity is also skyrocketing. Destiny 2 has been on track for quite some time with an incredibly active community and an impressive number of simultaneous players.Ranked as the top MMO in the game world and see how many Get even higher Destiny 1 fans’ participation in this raid’s return heralds the studio’s future plans.

The splicer season is still in its infancy, but I want to know more about Fallen and its horrific history. In recent seasons, there was a more vulnerable aspect to the Destiny franchise, and it was a real roller coaster to see Bungie find its voice after separating from Activision. However, it may be done in the best possible way.

If you haven’t yet worked on the latest additions to your raid roster, check out the Vault of Glass Epilepsy PSA here so you can do it safely.