Venom 2 director Andy Serkis explains Let There Be Carnage brotherhood

Andy Serkis is no stranger to characters who share their bodies like irritable roommates.This polite British filmmaker and actor Lord of the Rings In the movie, because the visual effects team effectively invented modern motion capture capabilities in real time, two combatants live in a computer-generated body.This gives Serkins his turn to be the director Venom: Let the Massacre A pleasant sense of twisted symmetry, driving a boat in another story about people and CGI​​, forming two fulfilling roles from an actor’s performance.

In many ways, it’s a bit like a marriage—especially in its Seven-year itch Stage, Serkins said.He described it as “locking up add, A seven-foot-tall symbiote drives you crazy. “

“This is it Quirky couple Strange brotherhood, the kind they really do need each other. They couldn’t separate, but they drove each other crazy in the apartment… [Venom] Want to go out and reach your potential, you know, kill people, eat people. “

Photo: Jay Maidment/Sony Pictures

At the same time, Eddie (like Venom, played by Tom Hardy) is reluctant to pay too much attention to the symbionts hidden in his skin, because he is too busy to win back his now engaged predecessor, Annie Weiying (Mi Cher Williams), this disappointed Venom.

“This is a wonderful, complicated, dysfunctional, and messy relationship,” Serkins said of the Brock Venom Alliance. “It’s like most of us get along with our partners after spending some time with them.”

However, this is not the only pairing in the movie.although Let the massacre It’s definitely an action movie-and it’s a very interesting action movie-it’s also very tightly paced, built around three core relationships: Brock and Venom, Annie and her fiancé Dan (vice-presidentReed Scott, returning from the first movie) and the new villain Cletus Casadi/The Slaughter and Francis Barrison/Scream (Naomi Harris). Since Venom and Eddie are heroes, people want to know what other couples-or all couples, really-can learn from them?

“This is a good treatment,” Serkins said. “[Venom’s] A good therapist. I mean, I think the problem is that they don’t need external consultants because Venom is very good at being that kind of’related’ person, I think. “

Really, for men, women and children in the range of love and sex, this is a good suggestion: find a living extraterrestrial symbiosis with which you can connect and share a body, when you argue with them and eat the brain At times, they will argue with you about your love life. I hope you two will not produce a second, more brutal symbiosis without any of your charms.