Venom 2’s blue-eyed character reveals Marvel’s poison in the sequel

Venom: Let the Massacre It may seem that from the outside it is particularly focused on the discord between venom and slaughter-but a closer look at the final teasing of this movie, you will find that it is a secret big screen family event.

Get hints from it venomThrough Woody Harrison’s interpretation of Cletus Casadi, the post-production performance of “The Holocaust” kicked off, and the sequel secretly launched a very special new symbiosis before the end of the film.

[Ed. note: This piece contains spoilers for Venom: Let There Be Carnage.]

In his final scene, actor Stephen Graham showed the glowing blue eyes of police officer Pat Mulligan who appeared to be possessed. Mulligan happened to share his name with the first host of the toxin symbiont in Marvel’s many venom-derived comics.

Who is Toxin and what does this have to do with Carnage? Well, like all the best Venom stories, this is a funny complex but interesting story about a strange alien pregnancy, jealousy and a lot of mucus.

Venom vs. carnage #1 (2004)
Image: Peter Milligan, Clayton Crain/Marvel Comics

Four miniseries, 2004 Venom vs. carnage The writer Peter Milligan and the artist Clayton Crane introduce readers to a “pregnancy” massacre, he is preparing to produce a symbiotic child, one of the truly uncontrollable branches of symbiosis born in Marvel comics over the years .

The Venom Symbiote and its host Eddie Brock originally spawned the Holocaust in the same way (and the other Symbiote roles that inspired the Life Foundation Symbiote in 2019) venom) Carnage’s pregnancy is part of the asexual process, during which the symbiote produces a child as a response to panic or threat.

Symbiote children tend to be stronger than their parents, and Kassadi and Slaughter are angry at the idea of ​​anyone usurping their place. So together they set out to end their silly kid before they had a chance, and a more compassionate Venom followed him throughout the series, and he initially believed that Toxin could be a powerful ally.

Officer Pat Mulligan entered the first installment of the series. After the parent symbiote ventured to plant a toxin (named after the venom), he became the owner of the Carnage child without knowing it, until more and more Much Cletus recovery is enough to come back and destroy it.

Toxins in Marvel Comics

Image: Marvel Comics

There is indeed a risk, because the toxin becomes very powerful in Mulligan, surpassing the venom and slaughter in terms of strength and general viscosity! Toxins possess all of their symbiotic abilities and some additional abilities, including fangs, poisonous claws, and the ability to perceive enemies incrediblely throughout the New York metropolitan area. Brock had to ask Cletus to temporarily truce so that they can jointly deal with the growing threat to life.

However, Toxin made his own friends, won the first game with their parents and grandparents, and was supported by Black Cat and Spiderman (these things always come back to Peter Parker). At the end of the series, Mulligan and Tossin started their lives. To protect their safety, Mulligan’s wife and newborn child were left behind.

From there, Mulligan and Toxin will share a semi-legendary career-including a solo series of the same name, exploring the rare alliance of Toxin and Spider-Man, it cannot live independently like Venom and Carnage, and its childhood in Mulligan Create rules that prohibit murder, arson or theft. In the end, after Mulligan died young, Eddie Bullock even became a temporary host for the toxin symbiont.

Good feed for everything that is inevitable Let the massacre The sequel-but only if director Andy Serkins wants to make it very strange.