Venom: The ending scene of Let There Be Carnage, explained

Between outstanding Spider-Man: Parallel Universe, Pleasantly original venom, And its great sequel, Sony’s third attempt in the Spider-Man universe is off to a good start. But like any great sequel, Venom: Let the Massacre Have greater ambitions for Sony’s franchise.

Just before the credits, Let the massacre Set a trailer for your own sequel, because it seems that a new symbiote may have appeared. But the real excitement comes from the mid-term credit scene, and the sequel expands Eddie and Venom’s horizons, making his entire universe a bit bigger.

Venom has only one middle credit scene. There is nothing at the end of the credits, so once you do it, you can leave.

[Ed. note: This post contains spoilers for Venom: Let There Be Carnage, Spider-Man: Far From Home, and the … trailer for Morbius: the Living Vampire.]

After saving the world from the Holocaust, Eddie and Venom are now on a tropical vacation. When the ending scene begins, the two lie on the bed and watch a Spanish soap opera, which makes Eddie wonder if Venom is hiding something from him. Venom explained that he can access the knowledge of tens of thousands of collective symbiosis hive thinking that spans thousands of universes and realities, and Eddie’s thinking cannot handle it.

In other words, yes, he has been hiding things. But as a sign of goodwill, Venom said he would only show Eddie an example.

Image: Columbia Pictures/Marvel

Just as Venom was about to show Eddie something, the room began to change, and the symbiote began to worry. Their hotel room has completely changed, the sky has become brighter, and the entire scene of the movie has also changed. They are transferred to a similar but slightly different hotel room-perhaps even in a parallel universe.

By the way: if we guess wildly, it all seems to happen at the same time that Doctor Strange casts the spell we saw in the trailer Spider-Man: Nowhere to go.

In this new reality, there is a new show on Eddie and Venom’s TV, and Marvel fans will soon recognize that this is from Spider-Man: Far from HomeJK Simmons, who played J. Jonah Jameson in the live-action Spider-Man series twice, revealed that the true identity of Spider-Man is Peter Parker, and then showed a photo of Tom Holland wearing a Spider-Man costume without a mask.

Neither Eddie nor Venom knew what happened, but Venom said, “That guy…” and started licking Peter’s TV image.

All of this is a complicated statement. It seems that Eddie and Venom have passed through their own reality and entered the Marvel universe that we have been familiar with for 13 years. iron Man Initial Release.A big question is whether they will appear in Spider-Man: Nowhere to go, Will premiere in theaters in December this year.

Speaking of villains, Michael Keaton’s vulture will appear in Sony’s upcoming theater Mobius: Living Vampire, This may mean that more crossovers are on the road. Currently, Sony and Marvel have reached an agreement to allow Spider-Man to live in the MCU, which helps to promote the character for Sony and makes Marvel one of its most iconic heroes and stars. Despite this agreement, Sony is still the hero’s actual copyright holder, so it hopes to squeeze its Marvel assets out of its value in the near future, because a large number of movies adjacent to Spider-Man are about to be released.