Venom: There is a genocide breakfast scene predicted on Tumblr a year ago

Trailer Venom: Let There Be Carnage There are many actions for Symbiote, but everyone on Tumblr can only talk about the scene where Symbiote cooks breakfast for Eddie.

In fact, last April, Tumblr users were basically Plot point:

Venom 2 wants you to start by playing a lively song while Eddie is making breakfast and so on.There were visual gags such as opening the fridge to collect eggs while Venom was on the stove, how their relationship developed between the first and second films, and they actually Need to show how they are in sync and thanks to mutual coexistence

Victoria, the Tumblr user behind the post, Venom The sequel was originally scheduled for release in October 2020. She was a big fan of the first movie and was delighted and surprised by the fusion of Buddy’s comedy horror and the joke between Eddie and Venom. Excited by the sequel, she went to Tumblr with the hopeful prophecies of the movie.

“My immediate go was an interesting one that helped bridge the gap between what I saw at the end of the first movie and what could happen after Eddie and Venom spent time together. I thought the domestic breakfast scene would work, and that’s exactly what she tells Polygon.

Photo: Sony Pictures

The domestic blissful idea between Eddie and Venom was devoted to what Tumblr’s user and fan community often attracts. It’s especially fascinating to see characters who are regularly involved in high stakes situations share soft moments with each other. These situations may not be life-threatening, but they do highlight the relationships between the characters. Not only do you see characters who are usually involved in dangerous situations doing simple things like brewing coffee or acting as a community talent do interesting shows, but they also emphasize what the characters look like in downtime. A stake that reminds us of exactly what is happening and shows another aspect of their relationship. These downtime moments are very common in comic books, but quite disappointing in expensive, plot-rich superhero movies. Fans recreate the fascinating aspects of these stories, including fan art, fan fiction, and fictional posts.

Fans are naturally enthusiastic when any of these what-if scenarios actually occur on the screen. Cates Holderness, Tumblr’s chief editor, told Polygon that the surge in engagement makes perfect sense.

“Tumblr wanted only a domestic AU with Eddie and Symbiote,” she says. “They wanted a thin block [the duo’s ship name] Have breakfast in the morning ”

In fact, according to data provided by Tumblr, engagement with Venom tags increased by 132,000% on the day the trailer was released.With thin block Venom: Let There Be Carnage Jumped to number one on the Tumblr Fandometrics ship list and movie list respectively. Sure, if the trailer doesn’t directly reflect Tumblr’s post, the movie still has hype, but users are very much honing what they want to come from the relationship between Venom and Eddie. I will.

“I’ve seen a lot of discussion about [Eddie and Venom] Let’s move on to the essence of the relationships they have in comic books. In comics, it’s basically a canon. They call each other love, “says Holderness. “What they have in comics is a very sweet relationship. Many people draw similarities between the trailer scene and the comics scene.”

Symbrock is not Technically Officially, some writers describe the relationship between Eddie and Symbiote as a more romantic subtext than others (and to be fair, some writers Those The writer describes it as a very toxic romantic relationship). When it comes to the sequel, Victoria says he wants to see Eddie and Symbiote continue to understand their relationship.

Image: Mike Costa, Tradd Moore / Marvel Comics

“The first movie was about them becoming Venom, so it would be great if the theme of this movie was to figure out how to keep Venom,” she said.

Historically, this ship has been very popular on Tumblr. Sure, there are existing fandoms from comic book readers, but the 2018 movie really pushed pairing into the mainstream.The movie was released in late 2018, but still managed Third movie Symbrock’s pairing is broken in a Tumblr year review No. 14 on the ship list.. As a context, Year in Review data was aggregated in November. In other words, enough people posted and listed Venom and Symbrock in just one month.

The passion that Internet fandom has for what they love means that big fans are often deeply involved in their dissection and analysis. According to Holderness, those who are crazy about their favorite stories can predict where they will go next.

“They are deeply involved in recognizing metaphors. They are aware of the pace of the story,” she says. “There are so many writers on Tumblr. Many people create their own stories and compose their stories, cartoons, etc. in different ways. Many people recognize patterns and It has such natural creativity that it is possible to predict the various things that can be seen in these entertainment venues. “

It has not yet been answered whether Sony was inspired by this particular post. Either way, Victoria is excited about the new movie. I’m also excited about the idea that someone involved in the movie might have seen her post.

“If anyone at Sony sees my post before or after the facts, it’s hilarious,” she says.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage It will be released on September 24th.