Vermintide 2’s Geheimnisnacht event is now live with seasonal rewards

Geheimnisnacht’s holiday is equivalent to Halloween’s warhammer fantasy Insecticide 2 Players will get a new in-game event to celebrate this creepy season. The Geheimnisnacht update also brings updates Chaos Wasteland The extension Grudge Marks makes things even harder.

The Geheimnisnacht event lasts until November 7th and includes ceremonial sites created in the Terrace of Justice, the Enchanter’s Lair, the Screaming Bell, the Old Haunted House, and the Empire of Fire. Players can enter the ceremonial venue and try to protect the skulls of Blosphoros, or avoid them completely. Ritual venues and stolen skulls add additional risks, but also increase seasonal rewards.

However, the resentment mark is a permanent addition to the game. When traveling through the Chaos Wasteland, the player may notice a monster with two spears on its back. The attributes of resentment mark monsters give them new offensive and defensive abilities, but new challenges inspire the team to accept them desperately.

Geheimnisnacht events are broadcast live on all platforms, but Warhammer: Plague 2 Currently on Steam for $7.49, For those who desire left 4 Dead, Except for the more angry rat people.