VG247 conducts retro game knowledge test on EGX 2021-watch the live broadcast at 3:30 pm British Summer Time

EGX 2021 Starting today, although we are not at the scene, we did prepare an interesting one-hour quiz for everyone to enjoy.You can watch it on the EGX Live Stage around 3:30 pm today (Thursday) during British Summer Time, or at EGX Twitch channel.

Alex and I have always been around and like a little retro games. Dorrani, young and fresh, was not even on this planet for most of the 90s, so we thought we could use a mini game of the 90s video game Fact or Fiction to test his retro knowledge.

Of course, all of this is very interesting. We take turns explaining the game or peripheral to Dorrani, and he has to figure out whether it is real or we completely fabricated it. We made this very interesting, and we hope you enjoy watching it.

If you don’t, at least you can see what my office/game room looks like and how I look like with a Mario hat.

The RPS Indie Showcase was also broadcast on Twitch earlier in the day, so if you have time and want to watch some cool indie games, you can also check it out.