Vi from League of Legends is heading to Fortnite

If you think back to last November, you might remember Jinx appearing in Fortnite as a character skin as part of a larger arcane event. A few months later, her sister Vi followed, joining Fortnite in a similar fashion January 23 exist 4 PM PST / 7 PM ET / and Midnight GMT.

Just like before, Vi will choose other cosmetic items based on the character. These include Zaun Back Bling’s Rabbit Memories, Piltover Warden Hammer Pickaxe, and Punching Practice emotes that come with the gear.

All of these are either available to players as individual items, or stacked together as part of the Arcane Vi bundle, adding Piltover’s exclusive loading screen. For those who missed Jinx for the first time, she and all Jinx-themed cosmetics will also be in store with Vi, so if you’re a little late to board the Arcane hype train, you’ve got a chance to grab it all .

This seems like a decidedly cool addition to the plethora of cameo characters in Fortnite, and after Riot and Epic Games teamed up last year, it would make sense to see more and more arcane characters land in the wildly popular battle royale game . I’m praying for Ike to appear in the not too distant future, he’s also a standout character in Arcane and a personal favorite on the show.

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