Victoria 3 confirmed with the announcement of PDXCon 2021

Victoria 3The sequel that fans have been waiting for, whose title is meme, is under development and will be coming soon. The title of the grand strategy was the PDXCon keynote this weekend, an annual gathering for all of Paradox Interactive.

The Paradox Victoria series is a “social simulation” set in England during the era surrounding the Industrial Revolution.The latest title was in the 2010s Victoria 2 For PC.In the decade since then, Victorian fans have defeated news and rumors about the famous meme-like meme sequel. Half-life 3 Meme.

This weekend, the meme died.Paradox Interactive Community Manager attended official forum this weekend Start a meme contest For the game, post this photo of Game Director Martin Anward ( Anward himself tweeted on Friday. )

image: Martin Anward via Twitter

“”Victoria 3 It’s one of the most promising grand strategy games in the history of the paradox, “the company said in a statement, diagonally acknowledging the status of the meme. In this game, players will take up one of the “dozens of countries” as well as the UK to survive an era of social change, innovation, economic turmoil and geopolitical competition.

When is the paradox news release? Victoria 3 It launches, but says it’s available for Windows PCs via Steam, the Xbox Game Pass for PCs, and the Paradox Store.

As for the meme contest, I don’t know who won, but this was my personal favorite.

Stupid meme image showing Oprah Winfrey handing out free Jacobins to the audience

image: Hemosep via Paradox Interactive Forum