Video: Digital Foundry checked “Dying Light” on Nintendo Switch

The 2015 open-world zombie survival game “Dying Light” will land on Nintendo Switch under the “Platinum Edition” slogan this week, and Digital Foundry has received an exclusive early access for their usual analysis. Overall, they consider it “a cleverly designed and impressive port” and praised its visual quality in handheld mode, especially on the OLED display.

As far as the frame rate is concerned, the port runs without an upper limit, usually jumping between 30-36fps, which will cause “a little jerky action”. In some cases, especially in night cities, the frame rate will drop below 30fps. Techland, the developer of Dying Light, has confirmed that a patch is being developed to help solve these problems, so it is hoped that the game will run more smoothly after its release.

As for the resolution, although technically it runs in 1080p docking and 720p handheld mode, the things under the hood are much more than that;

“Techland is using a new TAAU feature-temporal anti-aliasing and zoom. The idea here is to reconstruct the image on multiple frames to match the target output resolution: 1080p docked or 720p portable. Naturally, the actual basic resolution is lower Low, it’s usually calculated around 720p or below in dock mode, but the results are interesting: it looks pretty close to native when it’s still, but when you move, you will notice some image cracks.”

Be sure to check out the full version of Digital Foundry YouTube The video below provides a more in-depth technical analysis. “Dying Light: Platinum Edition” will be launched for Switch on October 19 in physical and digital versions.

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