Video games are in development hell: Part 1

Pikmin is a special franchise for many people, but despite its niche popularity, it has never reached the height of other Nintendo franchises. In total, Only about 8 million copies of the franchise were soldHowever, the sale of Pikmin 3 Deluxe proved that there is still some (juice) in the franchise Approximately 2 million units in less than a year – A quarter of the total sales of the series – Fans speculate that its financial performance may determine the future of the series and the development of Pikmin 4.

As early as 2015, series creator Shigeru Miyamoto mentioned Pikmin 4 European players It is under development and “very close to completion”. Time passed, then hey! Pikmin is a 2D Pikmin derivative product. It was announced and released in July 2017. Some people speculated that this was Pikmin 4 that Miyamoto referred to in 2015.

Now, this is of course a possibility, especially considering that we have not heard of Pikmin 4 since 2017, but in June of that year, Satoshi Miyamoto told European players That “it is progressing”.

If hey! Pikmin is Pikmin 4. If Pikmin 4 is still under development, it was a month before Hey, which is strange! Pikmin played 3DS. If a game is about to be launched within a month, developers usually do not say “it is progressing” when referring to its development in the last month; the game may have become gold and is being further optimized and cleared of errors.

However, this is the last Nintendo or anyone there to mention Pikmin 4, so today’s position is anyone’s guess. It is hoped that the 2 million units sold by Pikmin 3 Deluxe will send a clear message to Nintendo that fans are ready to welcome its sequel.