Video games are in development hell: Part 2

Development hell does not always have to indicate length-sometimes, the development of a game may be sideways in a short period of time. For example, the publisher Paradox Interactive’s “Vampire: Fancy Dress Party-Lineage 2” was announced in 2019, and has since been almost cancelled, transferred to multiple developers, and so on.

when Lineage 2 announced in 2019, The surrounding is full of excitement. After all, this is a 15-year sequel. After the announcement of “Bloodline 2”, things seemed to be going well.The trailer it received shows Bruja Clan, this Wenzhen Clan, Full story video, And more. Paradox Interactive announced in 2020 that Bloodlines 2 will land on Xbox Series X, Then, the publisher announced that it would target Game console 5 as well as.

This is a lot about Lineage 2, right? There is no doubt that this game is being released smoothly.Well, in August 2020, Paradox and then developer Hardsuit Labs announced Lineage 2 was postponed to 2021. Let’s call this moment in the sequel development timeline the moment of entering hell.

Soon after that delay, the game’s chief narrative designer Brian Mitsoda and its creative director Ka’ai Cluney announced that they No longer working on the project at Hardsuit LabsTwo months later, Paradox Interactive announced that Cara Ellison, the senior narrative designer of Bloodlines 2, had left Hardsuit Labs.

Fast forward to February 2021, Paradox Interactive announces the dismissal of Hardsuit Labs Started with the development of Bloodlines 2. A month later, Hardsuit Labs layoffs. according to Computer game playerLater, Paradox Interactive chose another studio to produce “Bloodline 2”, the studio has not yet been officially named, and the “Bloodline” sequel was postponed “indefinitely”.

There is no news about the development progress of Bloodlines 2, but hey, Paradox Interactive announces “Vampire: Fancy Dress Party for Blood”, A sort of Battle Royale is set in the same universe as the bloodline Game and publish it to Early Access, so this is very concise.