Video games are the explosion of colors in an otherwise gloomy year

Isn’t 2021 a bit bleak? However, although the outside world is gloomy and dull, video games are by no means like that.

From psychedelic mind maps and watercolor picture books to clumsy anime VHS lost behind the sofa, this year’s game takes on some serious looks. Here are some games that make us stare at the screen and shout “Wow, the game can really be like this!”

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Unparalleled: White Label (Image source: D-Cell Games)
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sable (Image source: Raw Fury)
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Solar ash release date delayed

Solar gray (Image source: Heart Machine)
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The Exo One spacecraft orbits the alien world

Alien One (Image source: Exbleative)
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Townscaper cute tower

Urban landscape designer (Image source: Oskar Stålberg)