Video: Mario Party Superstar Launches Today

It’s time to party- Mario Party Superstar for Nintendo SwitchThe classic series from the Nintendo 64 Mario Party game and 100 mini-games from the Mario Party series are available today from selected retailers across the UK and passed My nintendo store.

These boards have been redesigned for Nintendo Switch, and each board has its own unique event. Players who just want to experience mini games quickly can enjoy Mt. Minigames, which offers a total of seven different courses-free games, cooperative tag matching, trio challenges, sports and puzzles, survival, coin battles and daily challenges.

Gather easily anytime, anywhere through online, same system or local wireless multiplayer games. Through online multiplayer games, everyone can have a quick conversation with friends, even a 30-round marathon. In a solo party, you can randomly match other players around the world.

In addition, players can use stickers on the board to communicate with other party companions, and use the pause function at the beginning of each round of the board game mode with friends. This makes it easy to take a break and then continue the celebration.

This is our mario party superstar review

Source: Nintendo UK