Video: Nintendo minutes to play Super Metroid

Unbelievable, but Metroid Fear is still 2 weeks away from release. Today also happens to be Friday, so Kit and Krysta are back for another episode of Nintendo Minute. The two have not played Metroid Fear, but in this week’s episode, they decided to play some Super Metroid through the SNES library of Nintendo Switch Online.

The two said in the video description: “We are very excited about “Metroid Fear”, and we decided to play some Super Metroid to get ready and let ourselves understand the story. Can you believe that Super Metroid has been launched 27 Years old? We are very happy to be back with Metroid Dread video in a few weeks, so we hope you can listen to it.” You can see Nintendo‚Äôs tweets about the episode below, which contains the video.