Vikings: Valhalla release date and trailer: first look at Netflix spin-offs

Less than a year has passed Vikings It ended its six seasons in history, but fans don’t have to wait too long to return to the dynamic world. At Netflix’s Tudum event on Saturday, the streaming service revealed that Vikings: Valhalla, A new derivative product Vikings Creator Michael Hirst, the streaming service also shared the official Vikings: Valhalla The trailer, which provides an exciting perspective, shows a new combination of warriors, explorers and rulers determined to make their mark in the world.

100 years after the incident Vikings, Valhalla Sam Colette plays Leif Eriksson, the famous explorer who, according to Viking legend, sailed to North America five centuries before Christopher Columbus. (However, in the flagship series, Floki [Gustaf Skarsgard] Ube [Jordan Patrick Smith] Was there a century before. )

Vikings: Valhalla The adventures of other legendary Vikings in history will be recorded, including Fredis Eriksdot (Frida Gustafson) Harald Hardrada (Leo Sute) and William the Conqueror of the Norman King, a descendant of Rollo (Clive Standon). The cast also includes Laura Berlin as the ambitious Norman Emma, ​​Bradley Frigard as the Danish King Knut, and Johannes Haukur Johannesen as Harald’s half-parent Brother Olaf; David Oakes as British consultant Earl Godwin, Caroline Henderson as Kattegat Jarl Haakon, Pollyanna McIntosh as Danish Queen Ælfgifu, and Asbjorn Krogh Nissen (Bron) as Jarl Kåre.

although Vikings: Valhalla Occurs long after the era of Ragnar, the spin-off will be closely linked to the original series through shared locations and merged heritage and myths Vikings. Valhalla You will even see the return of some original actors, such as the prophet played by John Kavanagh.