Virtual Boy Wario Land is a painful, nostalgic experience

Unimaginable title Virtual boy Wario land It can be considered Wario’s first truly independent game. Wario Land It was first released for the Game Boy in 1994, but its subtitle was “Super Mario Paradise 3”, so as not to scare away anyone with uncertain control. Super Mario Land 2Opponent.No such qualifier Virtual Boy Wario Land, Released about two years later. It is co-directed by Wario creator Hiroji Kiyotake (who also claims to be responsible for the design of Samus), and it does not appear Mario in the title or the game itself. Virtual Boy Wario Land Claimed to be the best exclusive game on Nintendo’s best-selling indie console. No Wario game is more underestimated, which is a shame, because it is a valuable addition to the Wario platfomer classic, even if it exists on a platform that no one wants.

Virtual Boy Wario Land Using the Virtual Boy platform, I haven’t used it for most of my life.I remember I stood on tiptoes at the Sears department store, leaned my head hard on the headphones, and used Mario Tennis, Have been trying to figure out why I need two arrow keys-this problem has been bothering me until today.

Useless two-way keys are the least problematic in the system. You play games by staring at the headphones that must be placed on the table, which can hurt your back. Eye fatigue caused by playing games is such a worrying problem that the default settings of each game force you to take a break every 20 minutes. Sales were so low that Nintendo abandoned the system within a few months of its release. The sales volume of Virtual Boy is less than one million. In terms of context, Nintendo’s second best-selling game console is the Wii U, with sales of approximately 13 million units.

Knowing all this, I still want to play one. The Virtual Boy is my biggest Nintendo blind spot, which is ironic because it is the Nintendo game console most likely to blind me. Over the years, I occasionally checked eBay to understand the cost of the system; in 2021, my wife noticed our shared eBay account and bought me one inexplicably before I explained why I wanted it, which was great Because I can never make a worthwhile argument.The system used comes with Mario Tennis, I buy it separately Virtual Boy Wario LandAlthough nothing can save Virtual Boy, but after letting myself play Virtual Boy games for about three hours Virtual Boy Wario Land, I believe that if the game is available at launch, the legacy dialogue around the console may have Slightly More positive.

Virtual Boy Wario Land At the beginning, Wario was in a forest, with layers of trees behind him, looking into the distance. The 3D effect was more than 15 years before Nintendo 3DS tried this technology, and it is now being fully demonstrated. Even Wario himself is displayed in a three-dimensional hierarchy, and his hand seems to float closer to you when he puts his hand on his side. After a brief scene with inexplicable gophers and treasures, Wario plunged into the depths of the ground. This is an ingenious setting made by the developers to make the bizarre Virtual Boy color scheme work: because the entire adventure takes place in a series The arrogance in the underground cave, the red and black visual effects feel good. You play the game by staring at a claustrophobic, dark headset, as if you are peering into a cave, so seeing Wario and his surroundings painted in dark black and red lines almost feels very accurate, like Wario was wearing night vision goggles.

From there, this is a suitable Wario Land game, and I like it. Playing it feels like discovering an unfamiliar album by a beloved band, or watching an old movie made by my favorite director I didn’t know. Although it was the first time I played it, I still miss it. You will collect familiar boosters, such as a dragon hat that breathes fire, or a pair of horns that make you stronger. You pick up the bad guys and throw them away. You carry the key through the checkpoint to unlock the exit door. You suddenly find yourself thinking, “Maybe money is the solution to life’s problems, and I should pursue it at all costs, even if it means getting hurt and shrinking to a bald, short self.” The platform feels great, and the game has what I like. All the mechanics of the Wario Land series set it apart from Mario. You can climb the cave system at each level to collect expensive artifacts while enjoying fun little actions, like gophers that sometimes wander around and watch TV in the scenes between levels.

Despite the uncomfortable gaming process, Virtual Boy did improve Virtual Boy Wario Land As a platform game. In the early game example, a huge swinging spiked ball moved between the foreground and the background. They are easy to avoid, but it is an impressive technical showcase of Virtual Boy’s stereoscopic technology. This awe throughout the game. Wario jumps between the foreground and the background. This is a satisfying action, and the enemy can attack from all angles.

Boss made full use of 3D technology to attack you from the background. All this ended in an unexpectedly terrifying final Boss, which reminded me The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TimeThe scariest boss, the least scary name: Bongo Bongo. Wario’s ultimate opponent is a huge demon floating face, with no physical hands, you have to jump on his nose to defeat him. When he smashed the ground under Wario’s feet, Wario would lean into the background, where he landed on a flexible platform, and then he returned to the foreground. If any of us have really played it, then we will all agree that this kind of boss is an unforgettable moment, and it has left a scar on our collective childhood.

Virtual Boy Wario Land It is easy to become the most underrated game in which Mario opponents become independent protagonists. This is the correct sequel to Wario Land that many of us have never experienced, which is too bad. Unfortunately, Nintendo has never ported it to Nintendo 3DS, where it may have become an impressive artifact, and due to the stereoscopic capabilities of the handheld device, it can be played as expected. It can also play games without back pain, eye fatigue, and headaches. All these symptoms are attributed to my few game lessons.