Vote for the 8th Annual Bloxy Awards

Each year, we celebrate the creativity, passion and spirit of the Roblox community at the annual Bloxy Awards, the award ceremony for the Great Explosion. As the eighth celebration approaches, you’ll have a list of venues, dates, and candidates. All you need is your voice. Here’s how to vote for your favorite candidate:

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Ticket to Metaverse

A mysterious ship has landed for repair at a research station somewhere in the Roblox Metaverse. Whose ship is it? What a wonderful trip are you preparing for? You’ll have to wait until Saturday, March 27th, but jump into the venue and you’re free to explore crafts and stations right now. Here..

Inside, there is a terminal that displays some candidates for this year’s award. Select your favorites in the experience and vote for the six main categories. These include:

Game of the Year

Hire me!
Royal High
World // Zero

Best sleeper hit

Out raster
Super Doom Spire
Wild West

Best game trailer

Parent-child relationship!
Tank battle
Wild West
Tower defense simulator

Best new game

Out raster

Roblox Video of the Year

ElTrollino – Migrating from Noob Prison to Maximum Security Prison Pro
FGTeeV – Psycho Pig Music Video
LankyBox – The Ultimate Roblox Piggy Song
LOGinHDi – “Dream” Roblox Music Video

Best Video Content Creator

It’s Hunne
Creek Craft

All votes are important! Therefore, all users who cast ballots by Wednesday, February 17th will receive a “voted” pin on their avatar. Show it with pride. You just helped make Roblox’s history.

Celebrate Roblox’s Best

Between the incredible candidates and the extraordinary new venue, this will be a memorable Bloxys. Mark your calendar and wait for more information, including categories of awards that haven’t been announced yet.

Saturday, March 27, 12:00 pm Pacific Standard Time. See you soon.