Vtuber Korone uses the entire GameCube as a controller to play WarioWare

Inugami Korone, a popular Vtuber from Hololive, played the WarioWare game on Tuesday. The anchor appeared with her virtual model as usual, but there was only one change: Korone used the entire GameCube console as a controller to play the game.This is because WarioWare: Distorted! There is a built-in gyroscope sensor in the cartridge, and you need to play some mini games.

Korone uses the Game Boy Player to stream games, which is a peripheral device that can be connected to the GameCube, allowing you to play Game Boy Advance games on the TV. She uses it to play games. However, the cartridge with the gyro sensor is still connected to the larger console. So, in order to use the built-in sensor, she picked up the entire console and started using it as a controller.

Korone speaks Japanese while fluent, but YouTube account JShay Translations Streaming English subtitle clips, including the time she set for the first time. You can view the video below.

Vtubers will not show live broadcasts of live games; this is an animated model, so we don’t actually see Korone handling the bulky console by himself. However, she did place a little GameCube doodle under her Vtuber model to show that she is using it. Throughout the video stream, you can see her screaming and laughing while trying to perform simple tasks (such as navigating menus), because even so, she uses the gyroscope sensor to select options.

The GameCube is a fairly heavy console, but at least it has a handle on the back.If you are interested in knowing how things are going, you can check her full video stream Official YouTube channel.