War Mongrels is a darker and more historic performance of the Commando

The Second World War is an inaccessible area of ​​video games, full of armored tracks, mortar craters and the footprints of thousands of soldiers. However, due to the scale and breadth of the war, a powerful and original story can always be found in it-a new perspective that has not yet been presented. The real-time tactical game War Mongrels attempts to provide such a perspective.

In War Mongrels, you are responsible for the management of two German Wehrmacht soldiers who ultimately refused to participate in the atrocities committed by the German army during the retreat from the eastern front and were sent to the criminal combat unit. These units are composed of prisoners of war, criminals, and other “consumables”. They are usually sent on suicide missions and have a low chance of survival. The two soldiers fled the army and became deserters, embarking on another suicide mission as they tried to survive in the rubble between the Russian and German armies.