War Zone Crater Season 1: All the new changes brought about by the new map

An absolute information drop monster just landed in everyone’s circle War zone The players are there, as a new blog post, which contains a lot of updates along with the release Crater Already online Call of Duty Official Website.

This is a big question, so we continue to break down all the details revealed and what they mean to humble Warzone players.

Call of Duty: War Zone-Crater Map Breakdown

The first thing revealed in the new blog post is a complete breakdown of the map of the new crater. Each different area on the island has its own high-resolution image and description.

Have 15 areas in total, From built-up sites like naval arsenals to sparsely populated areas like runways. This subdivision is also accompanied by an island map (embedded below), which points out the boundaries of each region and points of interest in each region.

So far, we have only seen a glimpse of the map from the clandestine event in the Pacific and the pioneer premiere event jacket, so this is a great asset for those who want to see all the sights when the crater falls.

Call of Duty: War Zone-Pioneer Content Integration

With the launch of the first season of Caldera, we will see that many of the Vanguard content we have been enjoying since its launch are integrated into the Warzone experience.This includes All operators and weapons of Vanguard, and also Cross progress Between two games, so no matter which game you play, you can hone the level.

This will definitely confuse Warzone’s metadata a lot, because Vanguard adds some brutal weapons to the assault rifle, SMG and LMG slots. We have seen some of these weapons enter Warzone through ground loot, but being able to fully customize them will definitely reveal their true potential.

Call of Duty: War Zone-Vanguard Royale

In addition to the standard battle royale experience that can use guns in all modern Call of Duty games, the first season of Caldera will also be launched at the same time Pioneer Royal Playlist, Which limits the weapons available in Call of Duty: Vanguard.

We also got new cars-including fighter Players can drive on tropical islands, and there is a brand new All terrain vehicle This should help you and your team to cross city streets and rugged hillsides.

As a final adjustment, the crater game will have Different circle radius and closing time Than Verdansk, so the pace of the new map is just right. This opens the door to events that occur in each new circle, such as bombing.

Call of Duty: War Zone-The Island of Rebirth in the First Season of Vanguard

Rebirth Island Unable to play initially Once Caldera is launched, it seems to allow players to focus their time on newer and more exotic places on the two islands.However, it will Returning later in the season, With a map-specific playlist, so fans of this smaller and more busy Warzone brand don’t have to worry.

Rebirth Island has its own Special small event Before it was temporarily shelved.At the beginning of the first season, we got Renaissance and Mini Royal Come back a day before everything transfers to the crater.

Call of Duty: War Zone-Gulag Changes

With the launch of the first season of Caldera, we have made some huge changes to the way the Gulag works.On the one hand, when you win a battle in the Gulag, you can Keep the arsenal of weapons you once won When you rejoin the battle. This will also include any lethal or tactical equipment!

This means that players who fall into a highly competitive area on the map will not be so helpless and will be able to protect themselves from pretending players. This was previously tested in the Iron Trails ’84 playlist we obtained earlier this year, and we must leave a good enough impression on the team and the community to ensure permanent inclusion.

Call of Duty: War Zone-New Crater Contract

Caldera has a series of new contracts, including Supply drop contract This will airlift a supply box to the map, anyone can access it, but only the signed player can see it.and also Big game bounty, Place the target on the back of the player with the highest kill count. A great way to keep better players challenged.

Finally we have [Redacted] contract Come, they are hidden until you pick them up. Completing these will provide greater rewards for players who are willing to achieve a leap of faith.

Call of Duty: War Zone-Wonderful Balance Change

This section will bring a lot of joy to war zone players, who have already felt the impact of some of the more tacky aspects of the battle royale game. first, Dead Silence is getting weaker and weaker, although The stop power round is being deleted common.

Two more suppressed items will also be weakened- Stun grenade and heartbeat sensor -Both have been very powerful for a long time. Dual-wield melee weapons- Kali Sticks and Sai ——I was also stared at.

To be honest, this is good news and a huge blow to the backbone of the powerful items in Warzone. People have been asking for these changes for years, and it’s great to see Caldera implement these changes. Rest while urinating with the combination of stun grenades and Kali Sticks.

Butt Also watching! Those who have ever fallen into a supermarket or other highly competitive areas will know how powerful it is to defeat an enemy than just shooting them, so this is a good change from the beginning of the Warzone game.

Lethal and tactical equipment will get some love, which is much needed. Most deadly equipment will cause more damage, Stims will slightly increase the speed of movement, and the decoy grenades will fire rubber bullets, which should make it more difficult to tell if the threat is real. good stuff!

If you have ever been messed up by gas mask animations during a firefight, Caldera can solve these problems.it should be Easier to reload, reload and fight when moving from natural gas to a safe areaHowever, you are still at a disadvantage to those already inside, so be aware of this.

Finally, in order to balance the changes, Load drop markers can now only be purchased after the load drop event Occurs in the game. This is bad news for war zone demons or those who focus on making money in early games instead of participating in battles. However, this does make ground loot more important, so it will be interesting to see how the best players adapt to this change.

Call of Duty: War Zone-Ricochet Anti-Cheat of the Crater Season 1

Long awaited Kernel-level driver Ricochet Anti-Cheat Will be deployed to PC players when Caldera drops in the first season. Pioneer players on PC must also install this software in the future. This is expected to cause a major blow to the infamous large number of cheaters in Warzone, but we must wait and see to see how effective it actually is.

What is your opinion on all these changes? Let us know what you think and if you are excited about entering Warzone on December 8.

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