Warcraft 2: Chronicles of the Second War is a fan remake.

Without the original real-time strategy game, the vast world of Warcraft wouldn’t have been possible.One studio of enthusiastic fans is taking a whole new take Warcraft 2 Called World War II record.. This project is not a one-on-one recreation, but a reinterpretation of a large amount of new content.

Made by this fan Warcraft 2 Made of Warcraft 3: ReforgedHowever, the project has been in development for 10 years. Originally built by the original lead, Tamplier777, the team has since expanded to eight developers. The mod gained momentum over the last year as the team was able to release a collection of full-featured military-like custom assets for all three dwarven clans.

Shadi, the developer and team representative, wrote in Polygon over Discord: People had the right to sketch about this, as many ambitious projects were canceled in the past. Army of Azeroth. Fortunately, however, we have eight professional developers with the right background, each with a specific role, and no company to turn their backs on deadlines, so we have a good time. I’m spending time. “

World War II record Is still under development, but there is a mod roadmap and developers will drop assets that are faithful to the new lore to stay interested.Currently, one of the biggest hurdles is Reforging itself. “when Reforging When it was launched, it was badly cut, so there are still many missing features, such as custom campaigns that our mod relies heavily on, “he writes. “People can enjoy this without glitches or technical issues, as Blizzard is still waiting to add its important features at the time of release.”

In February 2021, Blizzard President J. Allen Black said: Reforging Nothing has been announced about the timeline for features such as custom campaigns, but we will receive future updates.