Warframe’s new war update is an epic time

This preview was originally published in PC Gamer UK Magazine Issue 365, which is Now on sale.

It feels like just yesterday, Warframe is just a weird little free game to play with space ninjas. It is now a huge science fiction epic, containing everything from open world mech combat to ship-to-ship space combat. Tomorrow’s Warframe update, The New War, is not just an explosion of more content, the purpose is to fill the treadmill serving the game with new chores. This is a grand battle of stories: the latest chapter of the luxurious legend about the solar system protecting the Tenno and the return of the old enemy. One has been a long time.

“For many years, the new war has been a grand vision,” Rebecca Ford, director of field operations and community, told me. As a staunch supporter of Warframe, Rebecca has worked at Digital Extremes for nine years, helping build and guide its story while managing the community. She is even the voice of Lotus, the player’s guide and mentor. “I think since it was announced in 2018, there has not been a period of time when anyone didn’t think about how to start making it great, start testing it, start building assets, concepts, everything is part of it.”

(Image source: Digital Extremes)

For anyone who has played Warframe, they are no stranger to the talent for story-driven content, but New Warfare has moved the focus back to the center. “Last year we gave up that open world, the Heart of Deimos. It has a story mission and it promotes the story… The players looking for the story are happy, but this is different from the taste of the new war. It is comprehensive, Movies, about your relationship with the main characters in the game.” This is the kind of content that Digital Extremes is happy to share. “For us, because this is the most personalized content we produce, we see it as our banner content type. We invested a lot. This is really a single player campaign, right? You can see When the player reaches a certain point, the developer’s reaction is in God of War or those very narrative [focused] Experience. For us, that’s it. “