Warhammer 40,000 celebrate the holiday with dark scented candles

The first is the ugly Christmas sweaters with the Warhammer theme (unfortunately, they are not ugly enough to win our ugly game Christmas Sweater Battle Royale).Then, the Warhammer theme Christmas stockings and plush squidNow, those who came up with strange ideas for merchandise have found a scented candle that smells like Warhammer 40,000.

The concept of these five candles is actually very good and very suitable for setting. One of Slaanesh is called hypnotic musk, named after the shocking weaponized smell emanating from followers of the god of decadence, and is described as “the smell of delusion.” You can also use Astra Militarum’s death world candle to make your room smell like “Catachan potpourri”, or enjoy the mind control t’au ethereal pheromone with an “expanding smell”. As usual, the interstellar warriors are boring, the tallow of the dark angels only represents the “smell of faith”, and the poisonous spores of the Tyranids have become the “smell of the great devourer”.