Wario deserves its own Nintendo Switch and Joy-Cons

Nintendo never shy away from making colorful and funny game consoles. This company brought us Game Boy Color (emphasis on color) and made fans happy with a series of options such as turquoise, yellow and purple. Fast forward to 2021, Nintendo Switch has Joy-Con options, such as neon pink and green, and very bright red and blue.

But over the years, Nintendo has a clear gap in its hardware products: there has never been a Wario-themed game console. Of course, avid Wario fans can buy a purple and yellow Joy-Con for their Nintendo Switch, or customize a Game Boy of their own, but this person deserves more. He deserves a dedicated console.

Wario is already a character synonymous with style. His color scheme, purple and yellow, is absolutely popular on handheld devices. The perfectly matched complementary colors work well with the purple body and yellow buttons. Damn it, GameCube is already purple. Nintendo could have hit a “W”, added a yellow button, and called it a day.

It’s not just appearance. The premise of the latest WarioWare game, WarioWare: Come together!, It started when Wario and his friends were attracted by the console he made himself. And WarioWare games are usually tailored to the consoles they release. E.g, WarioWare Gold Has a large number of touch-based mini games and allows players to record their own voiceovers, as it appears on Nintendo 3DS.

The series also knows the hardware it is playing very well. Game Boy Advance Warioware: Distortion, There is already an enhanced game pack that adds a gyroscope sensor for use in small games. Why can’t Nintendo invest in a handheld computer that matches it? After all, the series is called “WarioWare”. The console may be the real Wario vessel we can get.

So what makes this elusive exclusive console stand out? Well, there are many Pokémon. Since the Game Boy Advance SP, Pikachu alone has received almost every generation of console versions.This little animal is actually Molded on Nintendo 64, Cry out loudly. Although the legendary Pokémon decals on game consoles look cool, my long-term connection with them is not like Wario’s. In addition, Mario has also obtained a fancy red Nintendo Switch, and franchises like Animal Crossing and Splatoon have obtained bundled releases or customized Joy-Cons.

There is no shortage of hardware with roles and franchise themes. It’s just that Nintendo has approached some tried-and-tested franchises and roles. I think it’s time to expand the business and make strange game consoles again. This is what Wario wanted.