Warning comment: God is a robot, human lives are cheap, science fiction stories are more serious

This sci-fi movie is impressive in its bleak but irretrievably scattered in its approach warn Composed of six warring storylines, they will never merge into one movie. Every episode in the Agata Alexander film can be expanded into a fascinating feature film.In fact, one of them is basically a shortened version of Brandon Cronenberg owner. but warn Present these ideas too quickly and superficially. Once they become interesting, the movie will pass by them, with almost no connective tissue in between. The result is admirable because of how severe it is in many ways, but as a whole, warn It is too disjointed and underdeveloped to really affect its dystopian warnings.

Alexander has a deep understanding of what we expect from science fiction, and she collaborated with cinematographer Jakub Kijowski to shoot many disturbing images. Unfortunately, they are also so familiar. An astronaut floating in the dark space, a brutalist mansion located in the woods, a pair of almost naked bodies are connected by tubes and pipes, and a robot moves with precision.These are typical moments that have bounced around this genre for a long time, and warn Present them effectively. Some of them are even unexpectedly emotional, like a pair of robot butlers dancing with each other stiff waltz to pass the time. Or disturbing, like a person wearing a VR headset, covered in black oil, writhing painfully in a strong memory.

But at the same time warn Collecting the cornerstones of the genre, Alexander did not build on them with much creativity. This is especially evident in the script, from Alexander and co-authors Jason Kay and Rob Michelson, who have a common genre idea for each subplot, but then jump to something new instead of digging deeper. Yes, humans do consume more than they need, rely too much on nostalgia, and act in a selfish, tribalistic way-but reciting these facts cannot be a true story.

One of the best concepts warn Too short imagine that artificial intelligence might do the same, and the worst qualities of human beings — petty, classism, hypocrisy — may be passed on to the offspring of the robots we design.However warn In fact, it will avoid anything that requires more effort than eliciting an “um, interesting” reaction. The way each subplot ends is “Isn’t it good to be alive?” message, expressing unwillingness to push anything further here.

Set in a “not too distant” future, warn Occurs on the Earth version with some more intrusive technical equipment and news reports about the COVID-19 outbreak, as well as in space far away from the Earth but with a line of sight. Artificial intelligence is everywhere and has basically replaced the contact between people. When repairing the satellite, the maintenance technician David (Thomas Jane) communicates with the artificial intelligence system, which can quickly point out their comparison values. (His company has determined that his value is $500,000, while the value of artificial intelligence is $40 million.)

At the same time, a huge space storm produced strange red clouds and crackling lightning while David was working, and also caused a series of thunderstorms on the earth. When David complained to artificial intelligence about his work, life, and everything else, warn Move to the big blue marble.

Image: Lionsgate through polygons

In a place that seems to belong entirely to the United States, humans and robots are trying to create a fulfilling life in a gloomy period. The loyal couple Nina (Annabel Wallis) and Liam (Alex Pattyfer) visit his wealthy and fussy parents for dinner. The robot shelter manager Brian (Thomas Cot) tries to find a place for his ward, including Charlie (Rupert Everett), who is eager to please and is afraid of retirement.

In addition: Ben (Patrick Schwarzenegger) and Anna (Kelly Banbury) seem to have an idyllic relationship, but a certain black silhouette follows Anna, challenging her view of reality.Claire (Alice Eve, imitating Kristen Bell’s former enlightenment Eleanor Good place) Obsessively relies on her God device (voiced by James Darcy) to regulate her life, and measures her self-worth by the accumulation of her sins and good deeds.

In addition: Garance Marillier, a girl who received performances through a service called “Second Skin”, got into trouble in business relationships, which proves that sometimes men only want a woman’s body. (This movie includes an unnecessary attempted rape scene, which was shot from the POV of the assaulted woman.)

Some subgraphs are better than others. The Ben/Anna story is another tiring slogan, and the irony of the Claire/God installation is toothless.In contrast, the Brian/Charlie story will be made into a heartbreaking animated film, and if the Nina/Liam duo expands, it might look very good I am your manBut there is only one main narrative thread that connects these characters, and it is repetitive: almost everyone is curious about the existence of God.The existence of religious problems warn Not a problem, but the superficiality of its approach (and hypothetical Christianity) does not leave the audience much to offset all despair.


Photo: Lionsgate

on the one hand, warn It seems to be saying that technology has replaced all our values ​​and belief systems, so we have forgotten the core component of what human beings are. (Claire doesn’t know how to pray “manually” is the most interesting moment in this part.) On the other hand, such a heavy issue deserves more attention than anything else. warn supply.

An angry monologue, then a melancholy monologue, and then another angry monologue, which will quickly get old, even if Jane is a little funny at the gossip about David’s appeal to God, “What’s the lesson here? What? , I am selfish? I knew it a long time ago!” Unfortunately, warn It is full of sci-fi conclusions that fans of the genre already know, and the title of the movie says it all.

warn Available On DVD and Blu-ray And can be rented on digital services, such as Amazon with Wudu.