Warzone Gold Key Cards and Mercenary Vault Locations

You’ll need to find the Warzone Gold Key Card to open the mercenary vaults around Caldera, but finding them can be tricky. Season 4 of Warzone Pacific arrives on June 22 and introduces new weapons, operators, and most notably a new map, Fortune’s Keep. But Caldera hasn’t gone unnoticed, and has also received some updates, including the return of Storage Town and new Mercenary Vaults.

These loot bunkers can give you an advantage as long as you know where to find them. Of course, you’ll need a golden key card to access the goodies inside, and expect the areas to attract other like-minded players. That being said, it’s time to get ready. Here’s how to find the Warzone Golden Keycard and Mercenary Vault location.

Where to Find Gold Key Cards in Warzone