Warzone LMG ideal for power, speed and control

Use the LMG in Call of Duty War Zone It may seem like a bad idea at first.

They are heavy, recoil, and superficially not as many as the lighter SMG counterparts and other weapons.But built in the right way Best War Zone LMG It can be an irreplaceable addition to your arsenal.

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Warzone Best LMG: MG82

Warzone Season 4 announced the MG82. This is a powerful LMG that was nerfed almost immediately.

Raven hasn’t hit the MG82 into the ground, but despite recreating recoil and damage, it’s still one of the best Warzone LMGs. The MG82 addresses the most common LGM complaints of high recoil and adds significant damage and rate of fire, so even if you couldn’t click on the LMG before, it’s worth experimenting with.

After nerfing, the MG82’s TTK is close to average and may require additional bullets to defeat the enemy with full health and armor. However, if you specify it according to your play style, you can stay competitive even if it is not so feasible throughout the meta.

How to unlock MG82 in Warzone

You’ll need to reach Battle Pass Tier 15 to unlock the MG82, but Raven may add a bundle to purchase that blueprint for it as the season progresses.

Best MG82 attachment

The best Warzone MG82 attachment
Attachment type given names
muzzle Agency suppressor
Barrel 16.4 “Task Force
Rear grip Serpen trap
Under barrel Field agent grip
Optics Axial arm x3

Our MG82 build speeds up the gun, but the optics have some flexibility. If you are confident enough for your purpose and don’t need to add zoom, you can use a laser instead to avoid ADS hits.

Warzone Best LMG for Accuracy: Stoner 63

Stoner 63 was the best Warzone LMG before Raven added the MG82. Boasting higher accuracy than most LGMs, with similarly high bullet velocities, it is a devastating weapon for short and medium range combat. A good barrel or muzzle is essential to extend its range, but no matter what choice you make, you won’t run out of ammo right away.

How to unlock Stoner 63 in Warzone

Upon reaching level 4, Stoner 63 will be unlocked and become one of the first LMGs available.

Best Stoner 63 Attachment

Our setup improves the range of the Stoner 63 and keeps it running longer.

Best Warzone Stoner 63 Attachment
Attachment type given names
muzzle Agency suppressor
Under barrel Field agent grip
Barrel 21.8 “Task Force
Optics Axial arm x3
ammunition 120 Rnd Speed ​​Mag

Warzone Best LMG for Versatility: FiNN

FiNN works best at medium and long range, with faster bullet speeds and more flexibility, so you can play like an offensive weapon or LMG. Whichever you choose, it’s up to you to handle the optics, but it’s a good idea to increase their range, speed, and stability.

After the weakening of MG82, FiNN has the highest TTK of all LMGs in Warzone. This is when an attachment that has been buggy for many years works properly.

How to unlock FiNN in Warzone

To unlock FiNN, use the LMG in 7 games to get one melee kill.

Best FiNN attachments

Warzone’s best FiNN attachment
Attachment type given names
muzzle Monolithic suppressor
Barrel XRK Long Shot Advantage
Under barrel Commando foregrip
Optics VLK 3.0x
ammunition 5.56 CT100 round belt

Some builds recommend the use of Tac lasers to improve ADS. However, if you are using the suppressor without choosing close range combat, the laser is counterintuitive.

Optimal LMG for Warzone range: SA87

The SA87 is another well-built, flexible gun that can shoot down enemies in just a few shots. With good basic accuracy and ranged attacks, you can easily make this convenient in a variety of situations by increasing speed and aiming.

How to unlock SA87 in Warzone

When you reach level 24, the SA87 will be unlocked.

Best SA87 attachment

For the SA87 setup, choose remote damage, reach, and improved mobility. We recommend that you do not use a laser with FiNN, but we do recommend it here.

Sure, the big red rays will tell you exactly where you are, but the added ADS will help you quickly find and eliminate one enemy, allowing you to move on to the next.

Warzone’s best SA87 attachment
Attachment type given names
muzzle Monolithic suppressor
Optics VLK 3.0x
laser Tuck laser
ammunition 60 round mug
Under barrel Commando foregrip

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