Warzone Loadout drops are now buyable immediately – community celebrates

One of the most controversial changes added with launch of Warzone Pacific – the removal of purchasable loadout drops during the initial stages of the game – has been altered in the most recent Warzone patch. Now, players will be able to get their grubby hands on their favourite guns as soon as they pick up the funds to do so.

This change comes following months of pleading from the more hardcore portion of the Warzone community. Content creators especially were major pushers for the change being reverted to how it was back on Verdansk, with streamer Faze Swaag promising to tattoo the Raven Software logo if it happened (we’ll touch back on this later).

The change to loadouts was initially made to level the playing field on Caldera, forcing players to engage in firefights with weapons they found across the island until the first gas circle had fully settled. This forced players to use the new weapons added with Vanguard, and did indeed make it easier for players to take on enemies without worrying about what nasty meta guns they have in store.

The downside to this was how it affected skilled players. In previous iterations of Warzone, an early loadout package was the reward for looting efficiently or scoring multiple kills within the first few minutes of a match. On Caldera, these players felt there was little reason to go out and dominate a lobby early, as they’d end up with the same equipment as players taking their time and playing conservatively.

With the change, we’re seeing these players celebrate en masse on social media. Mr Swaag, who was mentioned at the top of this article, even went through with his promise which you can see in all its glory below.

What do you think of this change? Are you breathing a sigh of relief now that loadouts are easier to get your hands on? Or are you worried about how this may effect the more casual portion of the playerbase? Let us know below!

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