Warzone pistol perfect for Akimbo, power and speed

Use a pistol in Call of Duty War Zone Seems like a good way to waste secondary weapons, The best war zone pistol Instead of a shotgun or SMG, you can save on park slots.

Equipped with the right attachments, these pistols are a powerful complement to any build, especially if you choose the Akimbo perk. With Warzone’s Akimbo, you can use a dual wield pistol with a small hit for accuracy and aiming speed, but that’s not the only way to play the best Warzone pistol picks.

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Best Warzone Pistol: Sikoff

The Sikoff Pistol is Warzone’s best pistol, even after Raven weakened it in early 2021. With the right loadout, you can increase Sykov’s already formidable speed and power, and unlike the smaller SMGs, you can further increase its range and stability. When using the Sykov Akimbo build, the hit to its purpose and speed is not important anyway.

How to unlock Sykov in Warzone

To unlock Sykov, get 4 pistol kills in 5 separate matches.

How to unlock Sykov Akimbo in Warzone

You need to raise Sykov’s level to 32 and equip it with Mo’Money perks. Then, with the perks equipped, earn 3 kills in 5 separate matches.

Best Sykov attachments

Our Sykov setup maximizes the potential as a disposable gun with high range and speed, additional ammunition, and a barrel that turns into a fully automatic pistol. If you don’t want to use it for long range battles, replace the laser with Akimbo.

The best Shikofu attachment in the war zone
Attachment type given names
Barrel Solokin 140mm Auto
muzzle Monolithic suppressor
ammunition 80Rnd drum
Rear grip VLK Pris Rack
laser 5mW laser

Warzone pistol for power: Renetti

Renetti excels at high speed and close range combat, especially when modified with burst fire attachments. Large recoil makes it difficult to maintain ranged fire, but if you’re looking for raw power, this is a pistol for you.

How to unlock Renetti in Warzone

Reach Tier 15 with a free Battle Pass to unlock the Renetti Pistol.

How to unlock Akimbo Renetti in Warzone

The Renetti Akimbo Challenge begins at level 36. Equipped with Mo’Money perks, get 3 kills in 5 separate matches to unlock Akimbo for Renetti.

The best Renettia attachment

Renetti with the Burst Fire mod is best played on Akimbo for even more power. This build is designed to clean the room in the midst of fraying, so you don’t have to worry about running out of range or ADS.

Best Renetia Attachment War Zone
Attachment type given names
Barrel Mk3 Burst Mod
muzzle Desperado Pro Compensator
ammunition 27Rnd
Rear grip XRK Speed ​​Grip
Benefits Akinbo

The best war zone pistol for Akimbo: .357

The .357 nerf may have reduced the effectiveness of the snake shot, but it’s still a powerful pistol and the perfect pistol for Akimbo. The .357 is another one built for close range combat, and even with nerfs, it works like a shotgun. However, if you need to withdraw from action, you can use the right barrel and laser to pick enemies from a short distance.

How to unlock .357 in Warzone

Reach level 21 and unlock .357.

How to unlock .357 Akimbo in Warzone

This is a bit tricky. First, you need to unlock the Recon that opens when .357 is level 34. Achieve 3 kills in 5 separate matches with Recon equipped.

How to unlock Snake Shot in War Zone

You will get this on your way to Akimbo as it will be unlocked when .357 is level 29.

Best .357 attachments

This sidearm build focuses on increasing pistol damage and accuracy to provide a versatile secondary option.

Warzone Best .357 Attachment
Attachment type given names
Trigger action Match grade trigger
Barrel .357 long
ammunition Snake shot
laser 5mW laser
Benefits Akinbo

Best Warzone Pistol Without Akimbo: Desert Eagle

If you don’t want to be fooled by Akimbo, the Desert Eagle is your go-to pistol. It’s easily one of the most powerful pistols and can even perform one-shot kills. However, that power comes at a cost. The Desert Eagle recoil is so severe that you need to tackle recoil control in any build.

How to unlock the Desert Eagle in Warzone

Defeat 500 enemies with a pistol to unlock the Desert Eagle

The best desert eagle attachment

As mentioned earlier, Desert Eagle builds try to minimize large recoil issues, but they also improve speed and accuracy.

The best desert eagle attachment in the war zone
Attachment type given names
trigger Match grade trigger
Rear grip Pointillism grip tape
Barrel Forge Tuck Enforcer
laser 5mW laser
muzzle Compensator

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