Warzone players experienced crashes and freezes on the first day of release

For the owners of “Call of Duty: Pioneer”, eager to try new War zone With today’s map, the first impression of Caldera may not be as positive as they hoped.This is mainly because the new map of Warzone is full of relevant Crash and freeze, On multiple platforms.

Although it won’t affect 100% of players, this problem seems to be big enough to frustrate a part of the player base, and some players bring their experience to the game’s Reddit and Discords.

Caldera crashing hard from CODWarzone

It is worth making sure that the problem is not caused by you. You can do this by checking if the game is fully updated and verifying the integrity of the game files. However, this seems to come mainly from the new map itself-not from the player’s settings.

That’s not all! With the introduction of Caldera, bugs such as invisible enemies and glitch texture have also made a comeback. The video below shows the wombo combination of the two at the same time-how lucky!

No comment from CODWarzone

an examination Trello board by Raven SoftwareWhen it comes to bug fixes and upcoming updates, the main communication center for developers, it has made it clear that it is investigating this issue. However, as another wave of players enter the war zone after the early visit of Vanguard later today, this raises the question of how quickly the team can fix the biggest bugs.

Recently, Raven Software fired 12 QA teams responsible for Warzone. In response, many employees of Activision Blizzard went on strike in protest. All this proves a question-why did the QA staff be fired a few days before the mass release? This is of course not pretty.