Warzone Ricochet anti-cheating has been launched, cheaters are collectively banned

Long awaited Ricochet Anti-Cheat Already moved in Call of Duty Theater The whole world, and is sweeping groups of cheaters. Online viewing on social media and forums, players are collectively banned.

For those who don’t know, Ricochet Anti-cheat is kernel-level software that has been released in all versions of Call of Duty and Pioneer. Its purpose is to combat the cheating problem that has been rampant for some time in the series.

Although there are existing tools used to deal with cheaters in the Call of Duty game, frankly speaking, they have been lacklustre in the face of the efforts of these cheaters. Having said that, Ricochet seems to be off to a good start, clearing accounts that were found to be using illegal software in droves.

Although this is clearly a pleasure to see, and the applause of the cheaters is worth applauding, it is worth mentioning that this does not mean that the problem of cheating is gone forever. People have already bypassed Ricochet’s video streaming. A quick glance at the cheating forum that distributes the software reveals that many providers claim that they are solving this problem at this time.

Judge Call of Duty blog post on the subject, They made it clear that the launch of Ricochet is just the beginning, and the team behind antiheat will continue to monitor developments.

For now, the cat-and-mouse game between cheaters and Call of Duty developers will continue, but this is undoubtedly a blow to many people who use cunning software to gain an unfair advantage.

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