Warzone Spectral Blast and how to play a ghost in Warzone

Raven once again celebrated Halloween in Warzone through Warzone’s The Ghost of Verdansk mode. If you want to make the most of the time of the dead, you need to use the Spectral Blast ability cleverly.

However, this is only part of Warzone’s The Haunting event. Fear dominates the battlefield, and both ghosts and life can make good use of it to win.

Warzone Spectral Blast-How to use Spectral Blast

You can use Spectral Blast or any ghost power only after your commander dies in the game. They become a kind of spirit and can bother other operators and bring potentially fatal consequences.

Warzone Spectral Blast-How to play a ghost in Verdansk

Once your Operator stops and runs normally, you can perform a series of new actions.

Sliding attack

The main thing is actually a sliding attack. Use it to instill fear into your targets. Once the fear gauge reaches its maximum value, they will be paralyzed by fear and more likely to be killed. If you end the enemy with a swipe, you can collect their souls. Gathering three souls will bring your dead commander back to life.

Super jump

This is self-explanatory. Super jump allows you to jump in the air to cover a long distance.


Ghosts can also be teleported over short distances, although this ability has a longer cooldown.

Spectral explosion

Spectral Blast will temporarily stun nearby operators and prevent the vehicle from running. It has many uses, but it is especially helpful for preparing enemies to attack so you can harvest their souls.

Verdansk’s war zone ghost tips

Ghosts work best near the victim, so if you lurk in a confined space, it will be easier for you to come back to life. This also makes it easier for you to finish your prey. If you manage to do it, no matter how many souls you gather, you will automatically come back to life.

If you are playing a double or squad match, try to get closer when the target is separated from your teammates. Otherwise, they may unite to attack you and reduce the level of fear in the process.

Warzone Ghosts in Verdansk-How to reduce fear in Warzone

There are other ways to reduce fear while you are still alive. you can:

  • Make the most of the Holy Land area
  • Resurrect teammates
  • Complete the contract
  • Kill a ghost or enemy commander

Even if there are no ghosts around, your fear will increase if you do the following:

  • Stay in one place for too long
  • Seeing the death of a teammate
  • Witness the enemy’s killing streak
  • Damn it

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