Watch 27 minutes of NHL 22 game to see actual improvements

The opening day of the NHL is approaching, followed by the October 15 release date of NHL 22, which provides the best way to put yourself into action on the ice. Today, EA Vancouver introduced us to this year’s version of the gameplay (27 minutes to be precise!), which added the X factor and new features, such as the ability to reverse hits or support.

The video you can watch above breaks down the pass/catch changes, how the Frostbite engine enhances gameplay, and the impact of the new stick physics. Outside of the beta, this is the most important look we have seen in the game, so if you want to understand how new features look on the ice and listen to the developer’s explanation of their vision, it’s a good year of observation .

NHL 22 Blog It further emphasizes the differences in gameplay this year, including strength and body positioning playing a greater role in ball control, and a new deflection system that provides more ways to deceive goalkeepers, from subtle swings to More clever moves, spin and pull the puck back into the grain.

The blog also details the improvements made since the closed technical test, covering everything from physics to artificial intelligence to shooting and passing. For example, AI defenders should face more on the ice and should not move their positions after the center has fought for the ball. In addition, considering the passing quality and reaction time, the one-time shot result has been rebalanced.

For more information about NHL 22, you can check out our interview with producer Clement Kwong, which discussed the state of balancing the X factor and the suppressed poke check.