Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead is a standalone mode available to all owners on your PC.

Watch Dogs: Legion has acquired Zombie Mode and is available to all game owners on PC today.

The current alpha version of Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead is a standalone mode available to everyone. Watch Dogs Legion PC owner.

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Players can expect frequent updates, developer insights, and “constant conversations: as the test progresses.”

This mode is accessible from Ubisoft Connect and features London filled with zombies, Albion soldiers, and Kelly clan executors who have the supplies they need to get to ensure the survival of their crew.

Whether you’re solo, with friends, or with up to three other players through public matchmaking, you need to use resources and tactics wisely, collect supplies, find power-ups, and plan to escape. .. London is alive.

The execution of all supplies begins with random survivors and gadgets. Look for supplies and power-ups on the map and plan routes to avoid hordes of zombies.

You can lure them to Albion’s guards, plunder gadgets, ammunition, weapons and other supplies while distracting them, and escape unharmed.

When you reach the minimum required supplies, head to the extraction point and return to a safe place. Each successful run will reward you with “Z-Creds” to earn more credits for consumables that exceed the minimum requirements.

You can then use Z-Creds to “prepare for your next supply run” and buy gadgets and weapons. Some gadgets are only available on credit and cannot be plundered as a supply.

To participate in the Legion of the Dead, take part in Ubisoft Connect[無料ゲーム]On the tab[Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead]there is. You can also use the search bar to enter Legion of the Dead.

Here are some tips for playing this mode from Ubisoft:

  • Stick together. If one teammate collapses, the whole team will fail.
  • Power-ups (question mark icons on the world map) provide ammo replenishment and random abilities, weapons, or gadgets that are essential to reach extraction points. Be sure to use the gadgets you find in the power-ups to fight or avoid hordes of zombies. It is impossible to eliminate them all.
  • Speaking of zombies, you can safely reach them by standing on a car, climbing a fence, or simply avoiding them. It also reacts to noise. Shoot silent weapons or sprint down the street to let nearby zombies know your location. Choose your fight carefully.

Ubisoft states that it is currently only available on PCs to develop this mode with players and allow it to be patched frequently and repeatedly.

To make this possible, the team needs to deploy the patch quickly and has full control over it on the PC. When your team goes into beta, it will be added to the console, Stadia, and Luna.